Lift (2014)

  • Lift (2014)

Winner UNESCO Bridges of Struga Award
Shortlisted Best Pamphlet Sabotage Awards

Harry Man's debut pamphlet is a plunge into the unknown for most readers of poetry - Lift is a heady mix of science fiction and science fact, nostalgia for both the past and the future, all tied together by Man's electric use of language.

“Tall Lighthouse has a habit of spotting talent, having published Helen Mort's first two pamphlets. Here, Harry Man looks a poet unique and bold enough to follow in those footsteps. Lift is a debut pamphlet that takes off into orbit, mixing science fiction and science fact, past and future, with
language and imagery that sparkles with life. Poems arise from gaming platforms and social media, from time machines and rocket ships, and are sewn with a passion and humour by a poetic voice which displays an endearing understanding of what it is to be human.”

Poetry Book Society Spring Bulletin, 2014

“The poems are packed to bursting with ideas... Harry Man is one of a young generation of poets defining their own ground and changing ours.”

George Szirtes

“This way of unexpectedly combining the mundane to the wondrous oddly reminds us that these two themes are part of the same human spectrum, emphasizing the diversity and bizarreness of human experience, and the fragility of our sense of place in the world.”

Dundee University of the Arts Review

“This collection bristles with electricity and experimentation.”

Robin Houghton

“Harry Man... showed an admirable sense of humour, well fitted for his shrewd - and sometimes, as in the case of the poem “Ultrasound”, very touching - observations of the things that be. Man’s poetry is imbued by a combination of heart and scientific themes that is very sympathetic.”

Versopolis, Littfest, Umeå 2015